Guafo Island – Chile


How Blue Planet supports the marine ecosystem in one of the most valuable ecosystems of the world.

A Coastal and Marine Conservation Area for the Island of Guafo, Chile

Chile’s coastal marine ecosystems are among the most valuable in the world. In particular, the island of Guafo is internationally considered a priority for conservation in the scientific world. The project, which is part of the WWF Chile Marine Programme, aims to establish concrete measures to reduce the risk of collision between ships and blue whales (over 30 metres in length) passing through this area. The impacts often cause fatal injuries to these marine mammals, thus also affecting their social behaviour. The measures consist of the adoption of marine spatial planning proposals by national decision-makers and the identification of a real-time acoustic warning system to effectively report the presence of blue whales to maritime authorities and ship masters. The project will end in 2021.

Costa de Isla Guafo

A glimpse of the coast of the island of Guafo

Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) near Guafo Island

Pescadores en Isla Guafo
Fishermen on Guafo Island
Lobo Fino Austral

Guafo Island is characterized by a high biodiversity that includes the largest breeding colony of South American fur seals (Arctocephalus australis)

An impressive video about the migration of whales can be watched at BBC.

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